Q140R by Qulbix

Q140R Complete Ready-To-Ride Performance Electric Bike


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Shock Combos

Qulbix Offer

Get what you need for your e-bike in a pack and save some bucks.
Choose among:
Shock Combo #1: Qulbix Bicycle Frame Kit + Complete Suspension
Shock Combo #2: Qulbix Moto Frame Kit + Complete Suspension
Shock Combo #3: Qulbix Bicycle Frame Kit + Moto Seat and Subframe + Complete Suspension

Unique As Each Rider

From a top performance monster to a scaled down light weight performance e-bike; let us know what you're after, and we'll build you a bike you'll be proud to ride.

Quality Matters!

Be sure, quality matters when you ride over those hills and pastures. Our bikes are fabricated in Europe, they're quality made, tig welded masterpieces made of extra strong CrMo steel, and we guarantee they will hold. Read more on Qulbix Frame Kits and warranty here.

Different Set-Ups In 1 Bike

Every Qulbix performance e-bike can be easily modified. Change from bicycle to moto seat, from pedals to foot pegs at anytime.

Save On Shipping

Qulbix performance e-bikes come in separate boxes, preset and ready to be assembled in few easy steps - we'll show you how. This way you save hundreds of dollars on shipping.

See How They Ride!

Check out our videos to see how much fun Qulbix bikes can be: 

Build Or Have It Build?

Avoid all the fuss and frustration that comes with building your own custom bike. You do have what it takes to build one? Great! Our Frame Kits are just what you need.