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Do not miss the special 10%OFF Deal for the new 2020 model of #Q140MD Core e-bike with brand new features.
Read more at www.qulbix.com.
The Q140MD Core e-bike just got even better!
2020 Core bikes will feature a brand new throttle activation type option: PAS (Pedal Assist System). Beside the classic moto twist grip throttle you will now be able to opt for a pedal activated throttle as well.
Ride it 4 Different Ways!
Now you can transform your Q140MD to match your needs:
3 x #Q140R 15kW Boost e-bike with 2880Wh battery pack to get you places, and fast. In moto or bicycle seat version, with regen brake that fills the battery pack on your way down from the hill tops. With pedals or foot pegs. #YourChoice
A great day for the @asdomzalemoto 's annual moto Autumn Picnic! Come join us in Trzin, SI. 🍂🏍🍔 #ebikespainexperience #picnic #ebike #Qulbix
Wish to test ride #Qulbix ebikes? Join us at events, races or visit us at HQ. 🔜 Next event: This Saturday, in Slovenia, Domžale at the annual Autumn Picnic by @asdomzalemoto from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Welcome!
#motohappening #picnic for #bikers #testride #ebikes
🇸🇮 Obiščite nas na tekmi v MX državnem prvenstvu v Šentvidu pri Stični. Hvala #AMDŠentvid za organizacijo. 🇬🇧 Come meet us at the National MX championship race in Šentvid pri stični. It's a great day for a race!
#Qulbix #attheraces

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The New 2020 Q140MD Core E-bike!

Qulbix Performance Electric Bikes. Powerful - Modular -  Unique as Each Rider.

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