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Advantages of Thumb Operated Variable Regen

Most people praise the variability of the regen. Only advanced controllers allow this feature, more basic ones have none or just on/off. It does take some practice, but once you get used to it, it's quite easy to operate both - thumb on the regen and index finger on rear brake. Most of the time you do not need the hydraulic rear brake - just front and regen.

Variable regen brake is a real advantage, since you can moderate the braking force - and you gain back the energy, extend the range and save brake pads. To switch it to the hydraulic brake lever would be possible, but it could be only on/off and would loose the functionality. We can not moderate the regen braking force with such a short stroke of the brake lever. The regen has also integrated ABS functionality, and if pressed hard it is on the traction limit and when the bike enters the corner you can make a smooth slide.

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