Q140MD Core Performance e-bike

The Q140MD Core is a high performance e-bike with centre of gravity ideally placed between the front and rear wheel. It's the perfect e-bike for riders who won't settle for anything less than great response, good traction and high manoeuvrability. The Core will get you up any hill, pedalling at full speed to get as much workout you want from your ride.

Qulbix Q140MD Core Ebike Key Features
Qulbix Q140MD Core Ebike Key Features

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Q140MD CORE 10kW (72V 20Ah)

Q140MD Core 10kW set-up includes a 72V 20Ah battery pack. It's a perfect balance of power and weight, at top speed of 80 km/h an top range 95 km.

6,832.00 € Ex Tax: 5,600.00 €

Q140MD CORE 15kW (72V 30Ah)

Q140MD Core 15kW set-up includes a 72V 30Ah battery pack with the top speed of 80km and max. range 140km.

7,442.00 € Ex Tax: 6,100.00 €

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