The New 2020 Q140MD Core E-bike!

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Q140MX 15kW (72V 30Ah)

Q140MX 15kW set-up includes a 72V 30Ah battery pack at top speed of 80 km/h an top range 95 km. It's perfect for enduro riders, MX enthusiasts and off-road riders.

6,832.00 € Ex Tax: 5,600.00 €

Q140R BOOST 15kW (72V 30Ah)

Uphill tracks, wheelies, power slides – don't let the gravity stop you! Q140R Boost e-bike's massive power will satisfy even the most power thirsty riders. 

7,564.00 € Ex Tax: 6,200.00 €

Q140MD CORE 15kW (72V 30Ah)

Q140MD Core 15kW set-up includes a 72V 30Ah battery pack with the top speed of 80km and max. range 140km.

7,442.00 €  6,697.80 € Ex Tax: 5,490.00 €

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Q140MD & Q140MX 15kW E-bikes

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